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Monday, August 24, 2015

This happens truly.....all of us know what College life taste for sure.... Its more a folio of paper, tugged un-neatly at your back pocket, bruising with the cheek and at times, less surprising to find a big halo at the time of show-off with Mr. Professor. I would admire our leaders, Kings and prominent personals of the world, tugged warmly at the time frames of the St. Joseph's. Sursum Corda,motto reads in a flying air......and I would always wonder about my alumni......just at late teenage, sizzling with the wonders of what would happen next....the fun and vanity of energy would always debt the cry of the happy. Sitting at the Slabs, watching the valley below would give immense pleasure to the raising barometer, alone otherwise. I would often go to the TT hall and play the ball (loaded with double meanings....) till my hand ached and shouted with the un-reasonably accurate over the net shots.....or would just squat at the stair case to get glimpses of the best of the coca-cola bottles, I mean the curves, the raises and the falls......infamous, bell-bottom denim or from the Levi's Strauss or the Cartini adds extra flare to the flames. In certainly socializing monkeys fashion, at the hour of de-licing of their parasites on the branches, few of us would sit and crack nuts....the best of our moments. ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh, the warning would go off, remainder there is a catch. 21 senses at their full potential,we would wait......this 2nd year beautiful was found boldly marching by the wolf gang. She could be as nervous as the brain surgeon at his first cut, but she showed confidence and sexiness.....with her sanitary pads, fully motivated she parades a wounded animal at her last option. Boys among us, the sizzlers by itself, threw quintessentially, the most unexpected request of the time, fully aware of something shy-ish or lame statement to come by. He quipped "Hi, honey....lets feast on those bread".....the atmosphere went charged like the Northern sky,streaks and auroras.....we perhaps, stopped breathing.....obviously that "bread" was simile intended for the "sanitary pads" with twin resemblances. The girl stopped, posed and slightly moony or paints of highly sarcastic blast of tone, submitted back....."ok darling....let me spread jammy for you, would taste better in red!!!, This is one of the defining moment of collage pranks.......we would shift ourselves, breaking the queue on the staircase.....covering with loudest silence for quite a length until this came out again.... ..(to be contd)

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